7 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Smart Locks for Your Home and Office

Smart locks redefine home security. Find out the outstanding features of smart locks and why you should have one.

Traditional mechanical door lock works effectively in providing privacy. Unfortunately, it can’t offer 100% assurance when it comes to security and protection. Metal door locks are easy to pick and break.

A smart door lock is the best alternative to standard mechanical door locks. It is more advanced and has cutting-edge features to promote better security and convenience. If you are planning to switch your ordinary door locks that use metal keys with something new, below are the reasons why you should consider a smart door lock.

#1 High Durability

Smart door locks are not easy to break. Most of this security system features a tough exterior that is resistant to impact and scratches. Because of its durability, smart door locks have a longer lifespan compared to ordinary door locks.

#2 Strengthens Safety and Security

This locking system is difficult to fake. Instead of using ordinary locks with metal keys, a smart door lock utilizes fingerprint to open instead of a keyhole. Smart door locks have a built-in biometric reader that is connected to smartphones.  Thus, only individuals with fingerprint access can open the lock. Moreover, recent models of smart door locks have five latches, making it impossible to open forcefully.

Smart door locks usually have unique safety and security features. You can check out the best locking system on this key lock guide.

#3 Emits Alarm when there is Strong Action

If someone forcefully opens the lock, the system will automatically release an alarm sound. The system will send a notification to your smartphone, signaling the presence of an intruder. Therefore, it gives no chance for burglars to enter your home.

#4 Ease of Use

Indeed, smart door locks seem intimidating because of their advanced look.  Worry not! Smart door locks are not complex systems. This device is easy to learn and manage.

Additionally, it features ease of use. A smart door lock opens and closes automatically. You can activate the door using your smartphone and biometric reader as well. Also, it opens and closes fast. And if you forgot to lock the door, the latch will automatically close itself.

#5 Monitor Your Home Remotely

Smart door locks work using applications. You can download the device’s app into your phone, thereby allowing remote monitoring. Using the app, you can still have full access to your home despite being away.

Moreover, this locking system records dates, times, and people who enter and leave your home. This device features memory storage that stores all the data. It is one of the reasons why smart door locks are highly recommended for office and business use. It allows you to keep track of the activities on your establishment’s entry and exit points.

#6 Convenient for Elderly

Elders and disabled individuals usually have trouble accessing traditional metal door locks. With a smart lock, it’ll be easier for them to access the key system and enter the premises.

#7 Motion Detector

Recent smart door locks now include presence detection or motion sensors. Once it detects movements, the device sends a notification on your phone about the activity.  Smart locks are also programmed to recognize the person. With this feature, you no longer have to fear of getting locked out of your home.

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