A Safe World of Cycling for Kids: Tips to Keep them Safe When Riding a Bicycle

It is a fact that each day there are multiple cases of injuries caused by riding a bicycle with children who are always involved.

However, children shouldn’t be deprived of the knowledge of how to ride a bicycle – it is a fun-filled activity that allows the children to build self-confidence and allow them to feel the sense of fulfillment and independence when they finally learn how to ride a bicycle.

Here are some useful tips on how to keep your child safe when riding a bicycle.

Tip #1: Let your child wear helmet

The basic to safety when riding a bicycle is letting your child wear a helmet. However, not just any kind of helmet; it should be durable and it should meet the US Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards.

Also, the helmet should fit well and must have reliable straps and buckles.

Other than a helmet, let your child wear other basic protective gear, which includes elbow and knee pads.

Tip #2: Teach them bike rules

Safe bike riding means following bike rules; these rules include the following:

  • Ride the bike at the bike lane. If your city or town is equipped with bike lanes that are good to hear; let your child understand the importance of bike lanes – where it is safe to ride a bike.
  • Not ride against the traffic; it is an important rule that when riding a bicycle the rider must go the same direction as the cars do.
  • Always follow the traffic lights and slow down at intersections.
  • Always remind them to watch closely at turning cars and vehicles that are leaving the driveways.
  • Never do bike tricks without adult supervision.
  • Teach your child some hand signals when crossing streets or riding a bike with other riders behind them.

Tip #3: Check the bike before letting your child ride it

Check the brakes; make sure that the brakes are doing its function. Perform a visual inspection on the brakes and check the wheel movement. Do not let your child ride a defective bicycle. Or might as well buy your child a reliable bike; at guide cool website there are a lot of tips you can get when buying a bike for your child.

Make sure that the tires are well-inflated. Feel the firmness of the tires and find out if there are any holes. Listen for possible hissing sound from the tire; hissing sound may indicate a slit or hole in the tire.

Next, you need to check the level of the seat; is it too high from the pedal or feet brake? Is it comfortable enough for your child to sit? Readjust your child’s seat accordingly.

Also, do not forget about the chain because they may wear over time. Moreover, add water-resistant bike lights. Your child’s bike must have it because it plays a huge role when it comes to signaling car and motor divers, as well as, bikers.

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