A Simple Guide on How to Clean a Coffee Maker

For a non-coffee enthusiast, they might not notice the subtle changes in a coffee’s taste. But for a person who lives for coffee, even the slightest tinge in the taste and aroma, they would immediately notice it.

Two factors could affect a coffee’s taste – one is the procedure on how you brewed the coffee, either you might have skipped a specific brewing step or you might have overdone it, and two, the problem could be on the coffee maker.

Most people think that they have done something wrong while brewing the coffee. They keep on redoing the steps but sadly obtain a similar result. If you are having the same problem, then for sure it is time to give your coffee maker an extra love.

Coffee residues left on the machine causes the coffee to taste bitter, funky, and awful. Moreover, coffee residues inhibit bacteria build-up, especially on the hard-to-reach areas inside the machine. Thus, if the coffee maker is not properly cleaned, it could also harm your health.

There is a correct manner of cleaning a coffee maker. Proper cleaning can help eradicate and kill harmful bacteria in the machine. Likewise, it will remove the coffee residues and minerals stuck inside the coffee maker.

To assure that your coffee maker is 100% clean and bacteria-free try to follow these cleaning tips.

Step #1: Wash Removable Parts

Detach all the machine’s removable parts. You can hand wash it at the sink using warm water and soap.

You can also put it in the dishwasher; however, make sure that the parts are dishwasher safe. If not, it is best to do hand washing. After washing the removable parts, wipe down the exterior surface, including the warming plate. Let it sit and dry.

Step #2: Take Out Coffee Grounds

Make sure to empty the filter before washing it. Take out the carafe and dump every last bit of coffee grounds.

Step #3: Use a Cleaning Solution

Using soap and water to wash the coffee maker is insufficient to completely get rid of bacteria, stubborn stains, and coffee residues. You will have to prepare a cleaning solution to sanitize and disinfect the machine.

You can use one part water to one part vinegar as a cleaning solution. But to effectively kill bacteria, it is best to use water and bleach solution. Learn more about how to prepare this mixture at Kitchen Perks Up.

Step #4: Pour the Solution 

Once the cleaning solution is prepared, place a filter on the machine, and pour the solution. Start a brew cycle, and then unplug it. Repeat this process for a few minutes.

Step #5: Rinse 

If you are satisfied, you can discard the cleaning solution and rinse it with fresh water. If you used the water and bleach solution, make sure to wash the machine thoroughly. The last thing you’ll need is your coffee to taste and smell like bleach.

After rinsing, wipe the machine to remove moisture. Reassemble the machine once it is completely dry.

More Advice

Keeping your coffee maker clean will keep your favorite beverage taste like heaven. If you need more tips and advice on how to take care of your coffee maker, go to this reliable source.

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