Awesome Benefits of the 3D Printing Technology

A lot of companies are using 3D printing technology at present time. Others even have plans for replacing the traditional subtractive manufacturing with this technology. According to research, over 70% of manufacturers are currently using 3D printing.

If you are wondering about the benefits of 3D printing to businesses and individuals then read further on this article.

What are the benefits of 3D printing?

1. Less Waste

Injection molding and CNC cutting could result in a huge amount of wasted resources. Both of those processes include material removal from solid blocks. Unlike those processes, 3D printing uses the exact amount of material in creating a prototype.

Moreover, it is possible to reuse materials in 3D printing. With that said, it means that the company could save a lot of money and produce less waste.

2. Fast Production

Compared to traditional manufacturing methods, 3D printing is faster. The two processes can be compared to the speed of a horse cart (traditional method) versus the speed of a sports car (3D printing). Even though both of them can reach the destination, there will surely be a huge difference in the time frame. Starting from the prototype to the final product, 3D printing can prove that it can design quickly.

With that said, the company can find the perfect market faster than their competitors. The 3D printing method only takes hours to finish which is really convenient compared to traditional methods where testing designs and ideas can take days or weeks.

3. Easily Accessible

3D printing was discovered several decades ago but it gained its popularity in 2010. With this emerging popular technology, many software and hardware also popped into view. Those hardware and software are easy to use because of many competitors in the market. It is very easy to learn 3D printing technology and maybe it would only take you several days before you can incorporate it in your production cycle.

4. Better Quality

If you have been using traditional methods for a long time then you surely have noticed that it can yield poor designs which means you will poor-quality products. The quality cannot be 100% good at all times. In 3D printing, you can create the product step-by-step which means that you could ensure the quality of the final product.

5. Product Testing and Tangible Design

There is nothing better than feeling the product with your hands than just seeing it on the screen or virtually. Fortunately, 3D printing can offer both. You can print one prototype to see how it looks and feels. You can even feel every part to look for flaws that need to be fixed. Once you see the problem, you can fix it on the CAD file and print it again.

6. Cost-Effective

Labor cost is a huge factor that you need to consider in manufacturing a prototype. In traditional methods, you might spend a lot of money because they require human labor. Moreover, you would need experienced technicians and machine operators to do the jobs. You need to pay them a good amount of money and buy expensive equipment as well.

3D printing can turn your beautiful ideas into reality. Aside from it is cheap, it allows you to produce quickly. If you want to know more about 3D printing, you can check this website:

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