Basic guide to tire inflators


Car tires have a significant role to play in day to day performance of every car and in ensuring road safety. Due to this having right tire pressure is paramount and must be maintained at the prescribed level to give proper functioning of every vehicle. To maintain your care tire inflated you may make use of the tire inflator. This is an important tool every car owner should have since you don’t have to drive to a gas station to get the tire inflated the tire inflator is portable and affordable. They are crucial tool since they are back up for air source in case of an emergency.

But making the right choice of an appropriate tire inflator may be a difficult task given the large number of individuals and shops selling them, but here are few tips that you have to keep in mind when finding best tire inflator that will serve your demands.



Before going for any tire inflator check the size of your car tire as this will help you purchase the right tire inflator system that will suit your vehicle. One of the best inflator in the market today is VIAIR.The inflators are built in a way that they have different inflation capacities, e.g., one that may inflate up to 31-inch tires. Still, if you have bigger tires that may go up to 37 inches I would advise you try the Hausfeld Rp3200 since this inflator is so powerful and can handle such high power requirements.

2. Duty Cycle

The duty cycle is an important aspect that any buyer must consider before settling for a given tire inflator having bigger duty cycle means it will be more effective as it will inflate a tire in like a 4 minutes and cool for, 1 minute that means it will be more effective than having one with smaller cycle duty which means it may inflate a tire in 2 minutes and require 7 minutes to cool down. Having a 100% efficient inflator means it will work nonstop without requiring any time to cool down this is the best inflator to settle on despite being expensive it is worth the investment and extra dollar.

3.Automatic feature

Anyone wishing of buying an inflator I would advise go for the automatic one which switches from pumping the pressure after reaching the maximum pressure a tire requires this ensure uniform tire pressure for all the tires. This inflator has a preselection feature where you choose the tire pressure you wish to inflate. This means that you don’t have to constantly monitor the progress the inflator as it will switch off after reaching the maximum given unit.

4.Storage and lighting

Look for a tire inflator that has lighting system to light working are and one that they are giving transportation bag since it will provide storage option for the inflator.

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