Become a Fan of Box Fans

Summer comes with an overwhelming heat and similarly overwhelming energy bills due to the high air conditioning use. Before this summer comes blazing, get the best box fans for your money and cut tremendous cost!

There are a variety of fans available in the market of all types, but box fans are one of the most effective portable cooling devices out there. If making your home energy efficient is your goal, using box fans is the way to go.

Box fans are portable fans that typically come in a metallic box shape with blades inside that rotate to move air around. They can be placed in windows or any other surface in the house. When placed in the windows, they work by either pulling hot air out of the room or by pulling cold air in from the outside. In other surfaces they simply distribute cold air around the room creating a cooler, more comfortable room.

The cost of air conditioning on average in the United States during the summer is with the air conditioning on constantly can reach up to double the cost of a fan itself and save you tons in the long run. Leaving the air conditioning to run only occasionally on particularly hot days or nights.

Box fans cost anywhere around $20-50 and will create a great cool indoor environment within minutes. When compared to the high cost of energy bills for running the air conditioner constantly, box fans are a onetime payment that is a fraction of the hundreds of dollars one might expect to pay for using the AC system constantly.

In larger spaces, the cost of cooling is extremely expensive sometimes nearing even $500. However, in a large house, it is more economical and conservative to use multiple box fans in each room.

When choosing the right box fan it is important to consider a few things: the speed, noise level, size, blade diameter and weather shield.

1. Speed setting

Most box fans have multiple speed settings to ensure the user has a range of options for their air movement needs. If the user needs a high speed cool air movement it is available similarly, they have the option of slow air movement if they only need a light breeze in the room.

2. Noise level

Sometimes the sound, the repetitive humming of a fan can be a disturbance. Particularly if it is placed in the bedroom; therefore it is important to consider a fan that has minimal noise production to ensure peace as you enjoy cool air circulation.

3. Size

The size of a fan is crucial because the use of the fan will determine the size necessary. If the fan will be placed in the window, one must ensure it will fit and be secured well in that location. The bigger the fan the more heavy duty it is, so the user should determine the need first and choose a size that is appropriate for that use. For example if one needs a small personal fan to use in the bedroom, ideally it should be a small compact size for that use. Whereas someone who needs a fan for the office will consider a larger heavy duty one to make the impact necessary in that large space.

4. Blade diameter

The larger the blade the more air circulation it provides. Most box fans blade diameter ranges between 10 to 20 inches and the amount of air movement varies depending on the blade size.

5. Weather shield

For box fans that will be used as window fans, having weather shield is necessary to protect the fan from the contact it will make with the elements outside. Water damage to the motors is the major risk of using this type of fan in the window therefore, having a fan with a protective feature against weather damage will save you a lot of stress and money in repairs.

All factors considered, box fans will be a great addition to your life this summer. They will make life easier and cooler, even as the surroundings heat up.

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