Chassis Number Checker: What Is It? How Useful Is It?

The Chassis number or the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) may look like unessential information about your car, but the truth is, it is more than just numbers.

A chassis number or VIN is a unique number that identifies one vehicle. Chassis numbers were used to identify vehicles manufactured before 1989. Later that year, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) was used as the identifying number unique to one vehicle. Chassis number usually has 6-digits, while VIN has 17 digits of numbers and letters.

How essential are the Chassis number and VIN? They are like the DNA of any vehicle type.

To understand better, it is time to take a deeper look at how essential the Chassis number or VIN is.

Every vehicle has a chassis number or VIN. Despite being overlooked by several vehicle owners, knowing where it is located and how to use the unique vehicle number will make a difference. How? Check these reasons why you need to know the chassis number of a vehicle.

Reason #1: To ensure the original age of the vehicle

How will you confirm if the car dealer is selling you a six-month-old vehicle or a year older? Purchasing a used vehicle directly from the previous owner with who you are not fully acquainted or from a less popular car dealer shop is sometimes risky. One of the advantages of knowing the chassis or VIN is you’ll be able to confirm its age by using a chassis number checker or VIN lookup.

Reason #2: To check if the car went through remodeling or overhaul

Another reason to know the car’s chassis number or VIN is o find out if it went through remodeling or a complete overhaul. Knowing such detail will give you heads-up on which part of the car was repaired, removed and remodeled, or added with accessories. And if the vehicle needed to be remodeled, you know the exact changes made by the previous owner, making it easier for you to point out what you need to keep, remove, or change.

Reason #3: To check if the car is reported stolen or was involved in an accident

Knowing where the chassis number is or the VIN will help you identify if the car you are planning to purchase is reported stolen or involved in an accident. Also, if your vehicle got stolen, you can report it as missing/stolen and have it tracked by using the unique identifying number to the number checker or the lookup tool.

Where to find the Chassis number or VIN?

Chassis number is often found at the chassis area in the car, but similar to VIN, you can find the unique identifying number at these areas:

  • At the door on the driver’s side
  • The dashboard
  • Front frame
  • The Chassis area
  • Documents

Final Thoughts

Chassis number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) are essential car data that you should have a separate copy of. It identifies one vehicle and can’t be in duplicate with another car. And if it does, you need to ask the dealer or the manufacturer for its true VIN or avoid buying the vehicle.

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