Different Types of Tubes: Explained

The tube amplifier creates flavor to the music, it adds crisp, warm tones, soft clips, and more. However, the distortions produced are varied according to the model. In other words, there are a lot of tube amplifiers out there, where each model produces different or more musical sounds than the others.

If you are about to purchase a stereo tube amplifier, you should know the different models. But, before that, what is a tube amplifier?

Tube amplifiers are named after vacuum tubes; it is used to increase the power of a signal. Tubes can produce musical sounds, including warm, smooth, loud, seamless, and subtle sound at a high frequency, as it affixes harmonic distortion.

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However, before you could choose different tubes for your amplifier, you should keep in mind that the correct pairing of tubes is the key to the right audio tone. So, here are the common types of tubes and are well-explained just for you.

  • 6DJ8 – These are classic types of tubes and are hard to find. It can produce low sound, low volume, and has low gains, which is ideal for buffer applications.
  • 5751 – This type of tube is perfect for shaping your tone, as it provides a higher level of control over the clarity of the midrange and the warmth of the high-end. Also, it can provide more gains.
  • 12AX7 – The tube is one of the most common from Vox and Fender. Its cleans produce more clarity and gains. And when it overdrives modes, it produces more crunches.
  • 6SL7 – This is designed with dual hi-mu triodes. It is considered as a great alternative for 12AX7 because it can also produce very clean and clear gains with a sharp single note.
  • KT88 – The tube is one of the popular tubes today as it produces ultra-clean sound and clear tones without any hint of distortions. Also, the KT88 is often used as a replacement for 6550 tubes. Moreover, KT88 is considered as one of the largest tubes of its kind and is capable of handling high voltages.
  • 6L6 – The tube is known as “high headroom” tubes, where it can produce loud sound before it starts distorting. It is the “rock and roll” for Fender – having low to the medium gain clip, which is ideal for rhythm.
  • KT66 – “KT66” stands for “kinkless tetrode”, where it produces great crunch, especially when overdriven. It has a similar bite as 6J1.
  • 6J1 – Produces clear and fluid tone. Despite its clean sound, 6J1 produces less powerful sound.
  • 6550 – One of the most common tubes used. It is versatile for both guitar and stereo amps. 6550 is popular because of its dynamic and full-body tones.

Each type of tubes has different or similar characteristics. If you are planning to purchase a stereo tube amplifier, you should know which of the tubes can bring flavor to your music.

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