Dress Up Tips and Tricks for Men: How to Match Dress Shoes with Suits

Matching suits with suits isn’t always the guy’s thing. What most of them do is pick a suit and tie that they feel wearing and that also goes for the shoes.

This is not to generalize all men, but some do not find any interest in the mix and matching of clothes with their shoes, unlike most women do; probably it is one of the biggest hidden talents that most women have.

If you are one of many men who are currently struggling to choose the right outfit with the right shoes, here are some dress-up tips and tricks for men when mix and matching clothes with shoes.

Tip #1: Learn how to mix and match colors between colors

There are multiple dress shoes with different colors that are available in the market today; but if you want to play it safe, choose shoes with these following colors:

  • Black shoes – Ideal for formal events and as business attire.
  • Brown shoes – Safe color to choose – not formal but not casual – versatile enough to be worn with a few suit and tie.
  • Burgundy or oxblood shoes – Less formal, but more casual. Even so, it looks stylish that may automatically match any formal attire.

Tip #2: Find out the compatibility of the shoe color with the suit color

  • Navy blue-colored suit will comfortably match with black, brown, and burgundy/oxblood colored shoes. The colors match and blend in together without showing any distractions.
  • Light and a medium-gray suit are compatible with shoe colors black, brown, and burgundy/oxblood. Similar to navy blue-colored suits, gray suits are very flexible.
  • Charcoal gray suits are compatible with shoe colors black and burgundy/oxblood. Avoid brown-colored dress-up shoes if you are going to wear charcoal-gray suits.
  • Brown suits match with brown and burgundy/oxblood-colored dress-up shoes. The truth is, brown-colored suits only compliment brown-colored dress-up shoes; so, avoid wearing other colored shoes if you are going to wear brown suits.
  • Black suits only compliment black shoes; this goes the same as brown-colored suits. In fact, black suits are least versatile amongst other colored suits.

Tip #3: Know how to choose a pair of dress-up shoes according to the occasion

For a perfect mix and match according to the occasion, you have to find out everything you need to know about dress shoes. Here is a few of them:

  • For formal occasions, black leather closed-laced oxford dress-up shoes, specifically cap toes are ideal shoes to wear.
  • For professional business and semi-formal events, wingtip Oxford shoes that are colored black, brown, and oxblood/burgundy are a very good option.
  • For casual business events, brown or tan colored dress-up shoes should be worn.

Final Thoughts

It is not easy to do mix and match on men’s attire and shoes, especially when you don’t have any idea how to do so; however, the right guide and tips and tricks, you’ll be able to see the difference.

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