Easy Tips on How to Make Flavorful Smoked Meat

For a BBQ lover, nothing could beat the smoky flavor and taste of slow-smoked meat. Smoked meat will make anyone fall in love with its taste. Every bite is just as flavorful as the next. And the juiciness of the meat is another heaven on earth.

The key to perfecting a tender, juicy, and delicious smoked meat is the way of cooking. Experts and enthusiast have their secret when it comes to smoking meat. Here are some tips and advice from the experts about the art of smoking and making a slice of mouth-watering smoked meat.

#1 Get the Right Meat

It is an old assumption that baby backs are the best option for BBQ. These ribs are tender and it feels like filet mignon. It is what most people get wrong.

Baby backs are soft, but they are tasteless. The idea of smoked meat is to enhance the authentic smoky flavor. You can’t get this kind of taste with baby back ribs. The best choice out there is spare ribs. This meat part has more flavor and feels tenderer rather than baby backs.

#2 Prepare Your Flavor

Each one has a unique taste when it comes to BBQ and smoked meat. Some love their meat sweet and a bit spicy, whereas others prefer the traditional spice flavor.

Prepare the sauce or flavoring you like best on your smoked meat. Rub the herbs and spices of your choice. After doing so, marinate the meat using the marinade you prepared for several hours or overnight. It all depends on the size of the meat.

Do not choose pre-made BBQ sauces on the market. It won’t enhance meat’s flavor well enough. It is best to prepare the marinade traditionally.

#3 Choose the Right Woods

The wood chunks or chips you use for smoking has a huge impact on the meat’s taste. The ideal choice is hickory, oak, and fruitwood like apple and cherry. Avoid mesquite for it produces a pungent flavor as well as pine.

#4 Keep the Heat Low and Slow

When it comes to smoking, experts recommend keeping coals light up instead of starting a fire again. Keeping the coals burning assures the smoker is at a constant temperature. Moreover, it is also convenient, especially if you are planning to smoke for long hours.

Another tip is to smoke slowly on low and indirect heat. Build a fire on the side of the grill and place the meat on the opposite side.

#5 Pick the Right Smoker

The smoker you are using can also affect the taste of the meat. If your smoker is quite old or you don’t have one, it is best to buy one coming from a well-known brand and has built-in temperature control.

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