Everything You Need to Know about Safe Skin Exfoliation

Skin exfoliation is an absolute must in every skincare routine. Its primary role is to remove dead skin cells from the outer layers of the skin. In addition to this, exfoliation increases blood circulation, and it brightens and improves skin appearance. These are good enough reasons for you to learn more about skin exfoliation and to introduce it in your skincare routine if you haven’t done this already.

Before you introduce exfoliation as a step in your routine, make sure that you learn more about it. For example, what do you know about the different types of exfoliation? Are you able to pick the one that best suits your needs and preferences? Here are a few details that you should know before you make your move.

There are two different types of skin exfoliation: mechanical and chemical. Mechanical exfoliation uses scrubs and brushes, while chemical exfoliation uses different types of acids and skin peels. For mechanical exfoliation, use one of the following:

  • Brush. Opt for a bristle brush. It helps removes layers of dead skin cells. Some bristle brushes are designed for dry brushing.
  • Sponge. This is designed for a more gentle type of skin exfoliation. You can use the sponge combined with warm water, soap or body wash while in the shower.
  • Glove. You might find the brush and the sponge to be difficult to grip, which is why you should opt for a glove. Lather it with soap and body wash and use it in the shower.
  • Scrub. You can apply the scrub directly to your skin, using a gentle, circular motion. Wash the skin with warm water after the scrub.

When it comes to chemical exfoliation, you can use the following:

  • AHAs- alpha-hydroxy acids. The role of these acids is to break apart the bonds that hold the dull and dead skin cells on your face’s skin layers. You can go with citric acids, lactic acids, tartaric acids, or glycolic acids.
  • BHAs- beta-hydroxy acids. These represent a better option for acne-prone skin.

If you now know enough about the types of skin exfoliation available on the market, but you don’t know how often you should exfoliate, please visit this link: http://youngerskinguide.com/how-often-should-you-exfoliate-your-face/. The experts at Younger Skin Guide know everything about skin exfoliation and how to safely do it and they are happy to share their knowledge with you. You will quickly learn that it is important to exfoliate by skin type. What does this mean? Well, if you have dry skin, then you should avoid mechanical exfoliation. Mechanical exfoliation leads to extra drying, and you don’t want this. Instead, you should opt for AHAs, followed by a moisturizer. Sensitive skin also requires chemical exfoliation, preferably with a mild exfoliator. Oily skin will surely benefit from manual exfoliation and brushing. Oily skin usually has an extra layer of buildup which can be efficiently removed with the help of manual exfoliation. Last but not least, normal skin doesn’t have any complications, which means that you can choose any exfoliation method.

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