Features to Expect for a Gun Safe

It is important to store your gun safely and responsibly. However, with the wide variety of options to choose from in the market, finding the best safe for your gun can be quite tricky. This article will enable you know about awesome features that are found in great gun safes that work.

Dial or Electronic Lock

This is a security mechanism that requires keying in the correct code of the safe for it to open. It stands up for a long time and requires less maintenance. However, as a disadvantage, the time taken to open a dial lock is more compared to the electronic lock. In addition, most of these kinds of locks do not automatically lock on closing the safe.

The electronic lock on the other hand, uses a biometric or keypad lock is the fastest to open. It also automatically locks on closing the door of the safe. This type of lock is also prone to failure because the battery requires a regular replacement.

Steel Strength

The size and heaviness of a safe will not surely guarantee you that your gun is safe from break-ins. Because of this fact, a gun safe should be made with a 10-gauge steel to offer maximum strength and resistant to actions such as drilling and cutting through.  You should avoid safes made out of light steel such as 12 and 14-gauge at the edges of the safe. This is because this steel can be easily penetrated into using an ax.


Safes designed to carry large guns that usually weigh thousands of pounds. The recommendable weight of an empty safe should range around 750 to 800 pounds. This will help you in preventing any attempt of a thief trying to steal a gun safe using a moving cart. Most of the best available safes are usually bolted to the floor or wall to maximize on the security.

Fire protection

A good gun safe should be able to resist fire for a certain range of time. A glazing house fire is capable of reaching 1000 Fahrenheit within a span of 10 minutes. A normal gun safes made of low quality steel will start melting if exposed to such conditions. In order to prevent this, a layer of sheetrock panels or ceramic is usually added in order to keep the temperatures of the interior of the safe low for up to six hours.

Extra armor

The best safes in the market come with an additional security feature. It may include a relocker that automatically activates if there are any attempts made of drilling the safe. This will make it tougher for the unauthorized user to access the contents that are inside the safe.

A similar security feature is a steel plate that is mounted behind the lock system. This plate will protect the safe from any attempt of drilling the lock. Getting to know these features, among others such as water proof safes, will help you in selecting the best safe to suit your needs.

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