Guide to Vacuums: Are Robot Vacuums Worth to Purchase?

Admit it; you are also fascinated about how a robot vacuum cleaner works – they are cute and quite entertaining too – it just roams around the room, minding its business, while it amuses you and your pets too.

However, is it worth it to invest in a robot vacuum cleaner?

If you are interested in investing one but not quite sure if it is worth it, especially some of the robot vacuum cleaners are quite expensive, here are a few things to ponder if robot vacuums are worth purchasing.

How does the robot vacuum work?

Robot vacuum cleaners are mostly designed with two spinning brushes and one or two rolling brushes; these brushes bring both large and small debris, dirt, food, hair, and fur into the center of the vacuum. Once the storage area is filled, like many other vacuum cleaners, you have to remove the dirt from the container and drop everything into the trash.

Now talking about how it moves, the robot vacuum cleaners are built with sensors; these sensors are programmed to:

  • Detect and respond to hazards and obstacles
  • Mark new areas within the room
  • Measure how far the robot has traveled

Moreover, these vacuum cleaners can be programmed to run on a schedule using the device’s controls or through a smartphone app; this means, you can program the robot to run even when you are not at home.

Here are a few other reasons why more and more homeowners are convinced investing in it:

  • It helps reduce your cleaning time
  • It can fit right into areas that are tough to clean, especially under the bed, the couch, and other furniture that are too heavy to lift when vacuuming.
  • They can work on smart home devices such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Smart Home, and more.
  • They are compact and durable.
  • Not noisy unlike the traditional vacuum cleaner

However, just like many other devices, robot vacuum cleaners have limitations too; here are a few of them:

  • The collection box of the vacuum isn’t big enough to collect more dust and dirt, unlike the traditional vacuum cleaners.
  • It only works on level surfaces.
  • These are quite expensive
  • Some of the robot vacuum cleaners have short battery life.
  • They sometimes eat shoelaces, power cords, and speaker cables.


So, are robot vacuum cleaners worthy?

Robot vacuum cleaners are programmed to reduce your cleaning time and effort. Even though most of these are a bit costly, they are indeed worth every penny. If you try to check some of its reviews right at Home Addons’ website, you’ll find non-expensive robot vacuum cleaners.

So, should you invest one?

Investing vacuum cleaner is a great addition to your home cleaning devices. Other than these devices are very useful, they can quite entertaining too. In other words, you should consider having one at home. All you need to do is pick the best-priced quality home robot vacuum cleaner there is in the market now.

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