Hiking Sandals for Men: How to Choose the Best Pair

Needing alternative hiking footwear than a pair of hiking shoes? There are hiking sandals that you can consider.

However, with so many options today, choosing the best hiking sandals can be confusing too. If you are considering purchasing a pair of good hiking sandals, here are some useful tips on how to choose the best pair of hiking or outdoor sandals for men:

Tip #1: It should be ultra-light in weight

Hiking comfortably is an understatement.

When hiking, you have to bring a lot of things and it can be very tiring, even before reaching the summit or the camping area, especially during summer. To make your hiking adventure smooth and fulfilling, you should pair your hiking suit with an ultra-lightweight pair of hiking sandals.

However, you should not compromise the sandal’s durability and stability with the weight; it should be balanced – a durable, comfortable, stable, and lightweight hiking sandals.

Tip #2: Get a durable hiking sandal

When hiking, you’ll encounter different terrain – rocky, muddy, wet, roots of trees that are all over the place, mossy, and more. If you want to reach the summit, you have to overcome those obstacles; and by that, you have to wear durable and stable hiking footwear.

How will you be able to find a durable hiking sandal if all brands claim they are? First, check the materials; are they made from quality materials? Most of the durably made hiking sandals are from rubber or synthetic, leather or textile, and EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). Second, read honest reviews. You can read this TEVA Men’s FOREBAY sandals review first and find out if it is worth to purchase.

Tip #3: Pick a shock-resistant hiking sandal

It is important for hiking footwear to be shock-resistant – a cushion that will reduce the impact of rough and rocky terrain. Choose a hiking sandal with good arch support and has well-made padding systems that will make you feel comfortable when hiking, especially for long hikes.

Tip #4: Choose a water-resistant hiking sandal

It is impossible to hike without encountering a wet or muddy terrain. So, to avoid slips, purchase a water-resistant hiking sandal or a pair of sandals that dries faster.

Tip #5: Look for a pair of hiking sandals with well-made adjustable straps

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a pair of good hiking sandals is its straps; are they well-made enough to provide security? Is the sandal designed with reliable and stable adjustable straps that fit you well? You should check reliable reviews and find out if the sandal is designed with reliable straps that won’t unstrap itself.

Tip #6: Choose a hiking sandal with excellent traction

Hiking sandals with great traction will keep you from accidents, especially when trekking in a muddy, mossy, and slippery terrain. Hiking sandals with rubber soles and synthetic materials provide a quality level of grip.

Final Thoughts

Hiking sandal is a great alternative for hiking shoes; however, before buying just anything, you must know how reliable, durable, and stable the pair of sandals you are planning to purchase. To find out, you may read reliable posts and reviews at Trip to the Wild’s website.

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