Is it Necessary to Monitor Heart Rate When Exercising?

You might have heard from another person, or through an online source to monitor heart rate when exercising. But have you wondered why? Is it really necessary to monitor pulse when working out? If so, what is the advantage of monitoring the heart rate?

Heat rate monitors have been there way back. However, it gained popularity for the past few years and has become a standard fitness tool. When you go to the gym or run at the park, there is a great chance that you’ll see individuals wearing heart monitors.

What is a Heart Rate Monitor?

A heart rate monitor is a health tool that assists individuals to keep track of their pulse. High-quality heart rate monitors are accurate. The results are displayed on the device’s screen.

Many have come to appreciate the efficiency of heat rate monitors. Though you can monitor heartbeats manually, by locating the pulse points in the body, using monitors is more convenient. You no longer have to make calculations since the result will show immediately on the device’s display screen. No wonder, heart monitors transformed into a standard fitness tool.

Why is it Important in Exercising?

Remember that each person has different heart health. For example, some can get completely breathless from a simple warm-up, whereas other individuals can run for more than an hour and barely seem out of breath. It all comes down to a person’s heart.

Monitoring heart rate in exercising is essential in achieving your fitness goals. It is even more useful to individuals who want to improve their cardiovascular health and weight loss.

You have to establish a target heart rate. There is a recommended target heart rate zone for different ages. For example, the target HR zone for a 40-year-old adult is 90 to 153 beats per minute. Meanwhile, a person aged 70 has a target HR zone is 75-128 beats per minute.  Use your target HR zone as a basis on how long you must do the exercise. If your heart achieves the target rate, you can stop exercising.

According to medical professionals, monitoring heart rate supports in faster development of cardiovascular health. It also prevents the person from injuring themselves. In a nutshell, following the target heart rate zone assures better results.

Where to Find an Excellent Heart Rate Monitor?

Today, heart rate monitors are available in the form of devices and applications. You can download heart monitor apps and install it on your devices.

Though the above option seems convenient, it is better to select a wearable pulse monitor. It is more efficient. You can wear it wherever you go, and immediately see the results without digging out for your phone. Of course, a wearable heart monitor is more practical when exercising.

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