Know the Best Air Integrated Dive Computers

Ordinary dive computers have been used by divers for quite a while now, but there is a trend that is surfacing and is poised to take the spotlight away: air integrated dive computers. This advanced version has the features of a typical dive computer: a clock, a depth indicator, a timer, and a good lamp that allows you to see the figures on the computer while in the pitch-dark depths.

However, air integrated dive computers now allows you to check on your air pressure to see how much oxygen you have left on your tank. It has a link to your tank and thus is able to get data, and this means you don’t have to check on your pressure gauge, which can sometimes be tedious.

Seaside Planet, a site developed to give sea lovers with valuable information and reviews on topics relating to seaward adventures, offers this detailed air integrated dive computers review to give one an idea on the best possible options of air integrated dive computers available in the market.

1. Suunto Eon Steel Computer

Fully customizable and with a large screen to help you see everything at once, this computer can display a lot of information on the get-go, which makes it quite easy to get the hang to. Plugging it to a computer gives you more options on how to customize one’s view with this dive computer. You can connect this to a wireless tank pod pressure transmitter just by holding it next to the transmitter for a few seconds. But the great safety feature is the in-dive notification feature, which has alarm systems that will inform about tank limits and depth warnings; this feature is a must-have for every diver of every level of experience, since this is a good safety feature. The only setback is that since this computer is quite big, it can slip easily.

2. Aqua Lung i450t Hoseless Air Integrated Dive Computer with USB

The simple interface of these computers makes it ideal for beginners who would otherwise be overwhelmed by other computers that have complex layouts. It is also hoseless, and it means that it can read and help you manage your supply of air readily. This makes sure that there are less things one can tangle with, since it has no cumbersome hose. It can be paired with up to three transmitters, which means it can handle a lot of information, and such pairings can be made permanent. Its LED light is also a good form of alarm notification. It also has a compass, though it’s hard to work with.

3. Suunto Viper Wrist Computer

One can be fine with basic looks, and this computer has such for its interface, making it easy to read. Having a 140-hour memory helps you track a lot of information on multiple dives, and it has multiple dive modes, which depends on what kind of air is on a diver’s tank. Such customizability makes this deceptively simple-looking dive computer a versatile companion on different dive settings. The only downsides, which are not even that problematic, are that the altitude would have to be set manually and that the strap has some issues.

4. Suunto D6I Novo Wrist Computer

This computer combines good looks with practicality; it has the look of a cool wristwatch while being something more. Its crystal, being made of sapphire, makes it easier to read because it is anti-reflective. You can also switch gases on this computer and can go down up to 490 feet with this. It also has a built-in planner, and its wireless transmitter is optional, allowing for versatility. The only problem is that it does not retain information after one switch its batteries, and dive mode cannot be used for 24 hours after being used in free mode.

5. Scubapro Galileo Luna Hoseless Wrist Computer with Transmitter and IRDA USB Receiver

It can retain 100 hours of information, and also that same number of images, which divers can use as a wreck map to orient themselves underwater. This computer can go beyond 1000 feet, which surely pushes divers to their limits. Its battery can easily be changed, so divers will have no problem reloading between dives. Its monotonous color may look dreary compared to other dive computers though.

Choose the best dive computer for your needs, and be careful from where you buy the units. These computers are all on Amazon, so there should be no problem in getting them. Safety and enjoyment are your top priorities when diving, so choose a good dive computer to make your time worth it.

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