Marvel vs DC Heroes: Which Verse has the Strongest Superheroes?

Both Marvel and DC comics have been creating superheroes for years, but which franchise do you think has the most powerful superheroes? 

If you try to research and compare the numbers of superheroes between Marvel and DC Comics, you’ll get various answers. If you try to talk about popularity, Marvel has several popular superheroes. However, if you try to talk about the omniverse, which comprises the universe, dimensions, and pocket dimensions, DC verse has more superheroes than Marvel-verse.

Considering that there are more superheroes in DC verse than Marvel and Marvel has more popular superheroes than DC, which franchise do you think has the strongest superheroes based on the epic superhero battles?

To find out which verse has the powerful superheroes – Marvel-verse or DC verse – it is time to rank each hero of both verses.

#10: Marvel’s Thor

Thor, the Asgardian god of thunder, had its debut in 1962 in Journey into Mystery #83. His popularity ranks him at number 15, but above that, Thor is also known for his elemental power, allowing him to manipulate weather and electricity. Also, because of Mjolner’s Hammer, he became unique in Marvel-verse.

#9: DC’s Wonder Woman

Before Gal Gadot made Wonder Woman popular in the 21st century, Wonder Woman comic series in 1942 started it all. The Amazonian princess has super strength, excellent combat, flight, and strategy skills, and agility. Also, she is excellent in magic weaponry and healing.

#8: Marvel’s Hulk

Despite a shy personality like Robert Bruce Banner, Hulk ranks 13 as one of the strongest superheroes today. The green beast is super strong, especially when angry, and can jump in several hundred miles in just one leap. Also, he can run at speed and can breathe underwater.

#7: DC’s Supergirl

Supergirl is the female counterpart of Superman, who debuted in 1959. Like Superman, Supergirl has super strength, super speed, heat vision, freeze breath, flight, invulnerability, X-ray vision, healing factors, and superhuman hearing. And like Superman, Supergirl can’t stand Kryptonite.

#6: Marvel’s Silver Surfer

Debuted in Fantastic Four in 1966, Silver Surfer wields cosmic powers, allowing him to manipulate and absorb the universe’s cosmic energies. He is indestructible and can navigate into dimensional barriers, space, and hyperspace.

#5: DC’s Superman Prime

Superman Prime, which debuted in DC One Million in 1998, has all the superpowers that Superman has but increases exponentially. He is a superhero-turned supervillain and an alternate version of Superman. To be blunt, he is stronger than Superman; just imagine him living in the Sun for 15,000 years.

#4: Marvel’s Phoenix

Phoenix force is one of the oldest and powerful cosmic entities in the Marvel universe is said to possess limitless power provided by the life force. The giant fiery bird is indestructible and immortal. However, after Necrom ripped out a portion of its essence, Phoenix went into hiding but later on, it had become one with Jean Grey.

#3: DC’s Guardian of the Universe

Associated with Green Lantern, the Guardians of the Universe are the official nerds in the DC universe. They do not use super strength or power to fight but uses their brains to learn, adapt, and survive.

#2: Marvel’s Twins: Infinity and Eternity

If you are a true Marvel comic fan, you’ve probably come across the twins: Infinity and Eternity. The two cosmic entities share the responsibility of maintaining the balance between tranquility and chaos, life and death.

#1: Marvel’s One-Above-All

If it is rank #1, Living Tribunal tops it all. He is all-powerful and solely responsible for the existence of all life in the Multiverse.

So, which verse do you think has the powerful superheroes?

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