Mix or Blend: Confuse to Comprehend

It was many million years ago, since an ancient man discovered that edible matter is much better when cook through the fire, as the practice cooking started so were the kitchen utensils. Since cooked food is hot the man thought of some ways to hold the food before he savors it. We can see that from mortar and pestles, the cooking utensils evolved and can even be robotic as of our time. Baking, as one of the cooking methods is done precisely using the cooking gadgets that includes the measuring cups, weighing scale and many others so that the ingredients is strictly followed a measure for the consistency of taste. It is also crucial to mix or blend the ingredients altogether to achieve the palatable goal that satisfy the hunger.

Mix or Blend

It was a common mistake even for the cooks to be confused with the immersion blender and hand blender or hand mixer. But before differentiating the tool, it is best to first differentiate their function. A blender which is the first motor driven kitchen appliance can be historically traced back to the 1920’s when its inventor thought of a spinning blade in the bottom of the container. Meanwhile a mixer was in the early 1900’s when its inventor observed a baker mixing bread dough with a metal spoon. Functionally, a blender which is also known in the British as liquidizer can turn anything into liquid. For example, you blend a cooked apple so that you can make an applesauce. A mixer, on the other hand, most often combines the ingredients. A good salsa is made when ingredients are combined by a hand blender or hand mixer. Modern versions of these kitchen gadgets are getting more portable, light and convenient to use.

Using Either of the Two

You can beat eggs for scrambled eggs using an immersion blender or hand mixer. Immersion blender can make it fluffier. You can also whip egg white using either of the immersion blender or hand mixer, but the hand mixer can do a better job. You must also consider how you will use them. If mixing the ingredients needs to be done while cooking on fire, you might want to use hand mixer as you can just mix it directly while in the casserole. It will save you effort of transferring the mixture from one container to the other. Milkshake is advisable to prepare using the immersion blender because it is okay for it to be transfer in the glass after the milk, ice and other have been liquefied.

Call it Whatever

With the very little difference in their functionality but with almost the same task that they can do, although there is very different in their appearance, immersion blender and hand mixer were undeniably handy kitchen helper. You can use it and if you are still wondering which is better, you can read this article that compares them. The https://prime-shop-kitchen.com/immersion-blender-vs-hand-blender/ is very helpful reference for everyone who loves food and preparing them.

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