Mooka Compact Air Purifier Review


I know there are so many brands and types of air purifiers in the market such that users are often lost in their miasma of choice. Reviews have been written about them but still not to the full satisfaction of the users. I also know that there are many of them which are good to use, but as an experienced professional, allow me to recommend the Mooka air purifier. I have many reasons and sufficient grounds to believe that this Mooka air purifier is one of the best. In this review, you will discover the secret behind my reasoning.

To begin with, the Mooka air purifier is a compact air filter and it uses a 20 CFM air sanitation filter. Centrally to the regular models, the Mooka air purifier removes toxins from the air, eliminates allergies and odors from cooking, smoking, and pets. I am sure it sounds like what you need.

Mooka air purifier specifications

It operates on HEPA technology and has three different stages of filtration, pollen, ragweed, and allergens like dust mites, mold, and cigarette. Its usage requires little effort and can be transported anywhere. It’s very simple to use since it has a one-button operation for controlling the speed of the fan and turning it on and off. It’s elegant and compact and can complement your decor.

In its operation, it sucks bad air at the bottom then filtered via the multilayer filter and lastly ejected out of the air purifier from the top. This helps in freshening the area.

The last thing I must mention in this segment is the fact that it cannot disturb you will noise, it actually its noise is lower than 60 dB. Finally, the Mooka air purifier is affordable and guarantees value for investment.


  • Doesn’t disturb with noise, it operated under 60 dB
  • Excellent design looks great to complement your home decor
  • Easy to use, one-button operation
  • Easy to clean, doesn’t require complicated methods
  • Portable and can be carried to almost everywhere
  • HEPA technology with three-layered filter
  • Circulates air, sucks in dirty air, and cleans it then releases it to the air
  • Affordability, goes for $49.99 on Amazon


  • It comes with built-in LED lights which is bright and cannot be turned off when the machine is in use. If you use it in the bedroom and you’re used to sleeping in darkness, you will not be happy about it.

Just like many other machines, you will get at least one thing that you may not like, but if the overwhelmingly many appetizing advantages are anything to go by, this Mooka air purifier is one of the best.


There are other reviews of different types and brands of air filters as you will find at Fresh and Breezy, but over time I have learned that this Mooka air purifier is one of the best. The built-in LED lights are something you can get used to or even strategically position it such that the light is minimized.

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