Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle: Top Things You Should Know

Recreational off-highway vehicle or best known as Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) is a versatile vehicle, prepared for all types of terrain. However, the vehicle can’t be used freely on the road; so, before you plan to buy this type of vehicle, here are the top things you should know about UTV.

#1: UTV is not your typical car

UTVs are versatile, but they can’t be used as a regular car.

Is it legal to use the UTV on the road? Unfortunately, there are no clear answers to that; however, it is in the debate that UTVs can be used on road depending on the model and the state-by-state guide and rules of public roads and safety.

Even though UTVs are equipped with functions similar to typical cars, the small and four-wheeled drive isn’t indestructible, compared to its physical features. Also, these types of vehicles have specific features that are sometimes not fit for regular car lanes on the road.

#2: There are specific uses for UTVs

UTVs are recreational off-highway vehicles but they are more than that.

Even though at most roads these vehicles aren’t given the ticket to freely roam, UTVs are equipped with features that make them special. The following are how the UTVs are used:

  • Farming and other heavy tasks

Since UTVs can tolerate almost all types of terrain, this type of vehicle is a great source of help for farmers. It allows them to transport heavy-duty loads – whether these are crops or food for the animals – the UTVs are built to do that.

  • Used for removing snow

UTVs are versatile; they can be equipped or attached with snowplows during winter – a convenient way to remove snow, especially for individuals who aren’t physically built to clear their driveway from the snow.

  • For hunting

UTVs are built with thick tires and equipped with features that are meant for off-road adventures. Plus, most of UTV engines are quiet; these are the reasons why UTVs are very popular amongst hunters. Additionally, after hunting, you can easily haul back the meat without difficulties.

  • Racing

As mentioned; UTVs are also built for recreational off-the-road racing, especially on rough and rocky terrains. Plus, you can even use the vehicle in forests and even going down terrains.

#3: UTVs can be expensive

UTVs, also known as, side by side are quite expensive; not only when you buy the vehicle but also the money that you’ll be spending on its maintenance. UTVs are one of the high maintenance vehicles that you’ll come across. Even though UTVs look tough, these vehicles have limitations too. And when they reach their limits, the maintenance can be costly too. So, if you are going to invest in it, make sure that you are well-prepared for its maintenance.

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