Road Bike Genres Every Newbie Must Familiarize

What do you know about road bicycles? Find out some of the basics about the different types of road bicycles right here. 

Riding a bike sure is a fun activity. It is a great way to improve fitness rather than spending time inside a gym. It also allows you to meet people and absorb sceneries that you couldn’t enjoy when riding in a car. Indeed, biking is a worthwhile experience each one should have.

Whether it is a hobby or do it professionally, it is essential to select the right bicycle. Take note that there are different types of bicycles, and each one is designed for specific functions and purposes. For example, you can’t use a standard bicycle for off-road trails and mountains since it is not sturdy enough to handle extremely rough terrains. If your purpose is for road cycling, you must pick a road bicycle.

What are the different types of road bicycles? Familiarize yourself with the different types of road bike genres and know everything about bikes here.

#1 Sports (Endurance) Road Bikes

Sportive features a design that emphasizes comfort to cyclists for endurance. It has a more upright riding position that provides the all-day comfort of riding but has lesser speed and aerodynamic efficiency.

Moreover, the geometry of sportive bikes is designed to provide comfort and stable handling of longer distances. It is also a lightweight that is a crucial factor for comfort and endurance. Thus, if you are looking for a bicycle for long-distance rides and hilly terrains, an endurance road bicycle is the best option.

#2 Aero Road Bikes

Aero road bikes look similar to racing bicycles. However, despite the similarities in appearance and aerodynamic features, aero bikes work better for mid-range to high-end speeds compared to other types of road bikes.

This type of bicycle is optimized to cut down wind resistance. Its distinct feature is aerodynamically shaped tubing in the frame, wheels, and handles. The unique design of aero road bikes allows them to cut through the wind effectively.

Aero bikes are perfect for longer and flatter courses. However, it is a good choice for slower and relaxed rides.

#3 Triathlon (TT) Road Bikes

If you have plans to enter triathlons, you’ll need this bicycle genre. A time trial road bike is designed for this specific purpose. Every aspect of the bicycle provides the best aerodynamics possible, stability, and speed, which are all necessary elements in triathlons. Inasmuch, the geometry makeup of TT road bikes focuses on speed and strength.

#4 Racing Road Bikes

Racing road bikes are different from TT models. Its framework is purposely built for agility, speed, and endurance on paved roads. It has skinnier tires with reduces rolling resistance, and an aggressive geometry set up that is commonly seen in bicycles in popular races such as Tour de France.

#5 Touring Road Bikes

Touring road bicycles is your typical carry-a-load ride. It is bulkier than racing bicycles since its build focuses more on strength and durability to handle the weight. It also has a comfortable and larger seat than other road bicycles for speed.

#6 Commuter Road Bikes

As its name suggests, commuter bicycles appeal more for an everyday ride. It is built for comfort, durability, and longevity. If you are searching for a bicycle for day-in-day-out reliability, you can never go wrong with this option.

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