The Best Blenders Today

Nothing feels hotter than summer solstice and the burning heat that the sun omits every day. To feel cool and extra comfy despite the weather, we make smoothies to lessen the heat our body feels. Smoothies had been famous around the world, may it be in Asia or in other peninsulas. Most restaurants offer cold beverages like fruit shakes, fruit juices, iced tea and coffee or even ice cream. All of these cold drinks can also be made at home. However, you have to own a blender that perfectly performs well in terms of extraction. What we think are the top blenders for protein shakes are already here.

Unlike many other standard blenders, the Ninja BL456 Nutri Edge breaks down fruit and vegetables very quick and easier. It has sharp blades that finely cuts and extracts the fruits into its desired liquefied form. The blades are strong and BPA free which is perfect for crushing and blending all sort of fruits and vegetables. This blender shakes the fruit without discarding some other residue. Other than the Ninja BL456, you can also include the Vitamix 5200 Professional Grade Blender on the list of your options. The most prominent feature this blender holds is its versatility and quick   access to mixing all kinds of food – may it be fruits, vegetables, soup, frozen desserts and even cake batters.

Unlike the Ninja BL456, this blender has a good quality speed and heat control. If you desire to blend a smoothie that makes an enough amount for all the family members, no need to worry because this blender has a large batch capacity. It is also durable and well-engineered with strong and fine blades which give you a very smooth, soothing, extracted food. If you’re also into baking, you can mix batter and dough into the blender to obtain a finer result. The speed of the Vitamix Blender can be adjusted according to your preferred choice. Its running motor ensures you that the extraction will really perform well without blending the fruits or vegetables manually. By the looks of the Vitamix blender, it is highly defined into perfection, for its structure is modernized. By all means, it is very dynamic and awesomely made. Aside from blending a fruit, extracting a vegetable or any solid food, you can also blend hot soup and its blending motor will ensure you that the original temperature of the food will still remain as it is.

Surely, all of these blenders will guarantee you that your food will be as smooth according to your own taste. Its price range varies from around four hundred dollars or so, but it is all worth your money because its features are all too good for a home. The most important thing about it is that your food is safe and your taste buds are also spoiled with well blended food that has its vitamins and minerals. You only have to maintain the blades dry and clean to prevent rusts and other bacterias from spreading.

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