The Tonda Garage Floor Jack Review


Not everyone have the capacity to identify the best jack in the market. There are many types and brands in the market. For instance, there are two major types of jack both of which are hydraulic, floor jack and bottle jack. To narrow down to one, you will need to compare how each work, pros, and cons. You can seek professional assistance with autoaidoutlet to identify what jack is best, but in this article, I will review the Tonda Garage Floor Jack, enjoy your reading.

Tonda Garage Floor Jack.

It boasts of the capacity to handle small and medium tasks while it’s still compact to store at home with easy

It has casters which swivel and other large ones made of steel. This makes it easy to maneuver the jack while in operation. Its frame is made of the strong welded steel and has rust-resistant finishes. It can be used by professionals and people handling DIY projects. It can also be used for farm, SUV, truck service, shop, and auto services. It has wheels making it easy to move around and has met the highest safety standards.

It’s very simple to operate and compatible with other tools and attachments. Although it has large canisters, it was built for mobility and is lightweight. In its operation, you just position it to the jack point then begin to crank it up, it cannot slip since it has its locking mechanism. However, you can purchase the lockdown mechanism to increase security. It can loft between 5000 to 15000 pounds.

Advantages of the Tonda Garage Floor Jack.

The tool lasts longer when compares with ordinary jacks. Also, it’s designed to be lightweight. Other advantages include its ease of transport, easy to store, being balanced, and secure. Using it is pretty simple and has a good capacity. This sounds so good but before you haste to make a purchase, consider the cons below too.

Disadvantages of the Tonda Garage Floor Jack

This product is associated with the following setbacks. It doesn’t list the vehicle as high as expected. Also, it will need other tools to elevate its performance which can attract an extra cost. Moreover, its lever is prone to bend and has a very small contact pad. Finally, once it lists the vehicle, it does not sustain the height for a long period.

Other floor jacks in the market

In this section, I will just list a few other jacks in the market which can give you a good service.

  1. Powerbuilt Two-Ton, Triple-Lift Floor Jack
  2. Extreme Max Lift – 1000lbs Motorcycle Scissors Jack
  3. Reliancer Car Floor Jack
  4. ABN Electric Hydraulic Jack
  5. ROGTZ Electric Scissor Automatic Car Floor Jack
  6. Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack
  7. Arcan XL20 Service Jack


For further details on the above-listed jacks and more, visit the autoaidoutlet website. For beginners and people looking for DIY-friendly gear, the Tonda Garage Floor Jack is the best option I can recommend.

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