The Top 5 Best Boombox Stereos for 2019

So, you’re searching for a boombox, but you aren’t sure where to start. Looking or a quality boombox equipped with all your needs can be difficult and time consuming. Here are the best boombox stereos to choose from. Each lists the boombox and what it features, so let’s check it out.

1. Supersonic Retro Collection Boombox

This could possibly be considered the holy grail of boombox systems. The Supersonic Retro Collection Boombox truly embodies the retro look and feel of a boombox. Its vintage design provides loads of nostalgia and is guaranteed to impress everyone you meet. The Supersonic features a built-in radio that is easy to tune. Despite its old look you can believe the system is among the most modern which even includes an SD card slot. The quality of sound is also pristine providing a seamless experience from your playlist to the radio.

2. G-Project G-Boom Wireless Bluetooth Boombox

 Another cool boombox system designed in an eye-catching way, the G-Project is sure to be the life of any party. The interesting shape lives up to its purpose in terms of functionality. It’s not heavy and very easy to carry wherever you desire. The buttons are also functional and easy to use while the bass packs more power than you could imagine. The speakers have full range allowing sounds to travel deeply through crowds. Altogether this purchase is ideal as it’s practical as well.

3. Philips Bluetooth Boombox

Get ready because the Philips Bluetooth Boombox is everything you could wish for and more. Starting with the design, its bold colors allow you to standout in the party or anywhere you go. Another cool benefit of this boombox battery life is a lengthy one. Like several up-to-date boomboxes the Philips is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. It’s perfect as it doesn’t lose signal once allowing for a seamless uninterrupted music experience.

4. Jensen FM Stereo CD555 Bluetooth Boombox

The Jensen FM Stereo CD555 Boombox is unique to say the least. With its cube-like shape, the design certainly lives up to the name. The first amazing feature about this boombox is its size. Although the boombox in general is built for transport, the Jensen is nice and compact making it more than suitable while on the go. Next is the quality of sound which may surprise you due to its small size. The sound quality is amazing as you would not guess it could fit into something so compact.

The Jensen also features a carry handle which is slightly molded for comfort. When carrying it around you won’t have to worry about any soreness from lack of ergonomic design. Lastly, this boombox is ideal because its simplistic design allows you to pull it from the box and use straight away. It’s a mix of both modern and retro as its screen and button placement allows for easy listening without needed for instructions.

5. NAXA Electronics MP3CD Bass Reflex Boombox

 The NAXA Electronic MP3CD is simply put, an eyeful of awesome. It’s large but not so much so that it’s not portable. The NAXA is equipped with a USB port providing you the convenience of streaming your playlist seamlessly. It’s also Bluetooth compatible so you can simply connect and go.

The NAXA also features a shoulder strap with a debatable comfort level. Although it’s said to potentially cause discomfort this is dependent upon body type and of course tolerance. The boombox also has possibly it’s coolest feature– light up speakers. This makes it even more perfect for parties and gatherings alike.

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