Toaster Oven Tips and Tricks that You Probably Didn’t Know You Can Do

Did you know that you can make an entire meal just by using a toaster oven? Here are some useful toaster oven tips and tricks that you probably didn’t know you can make:

  1. Toasting nuts

Who said that you can’t toast nuts using your toaster oven? Yes, you can; in fact, toasting nuts inside your toaster oven is much faster than pan frying it or using the usual gas-ranged oven. All you need to do is arrange each nut in a single layer on the toaster oven pan. And then, toast the nut at 350-degrees Fahrenheit for about 10-15 minutes. Also, do not forget to turn the nuts every 5 minutes to cook it evenly.

In clarification, you may toast nuts but it has to be bigger than the usual nut size; cashew nuts, almond, wall-nuts, Brazilian nuts, and more, are a few examples.

  1. Making chips

If you want to make a non-greasy snack such as making a fruit or veggie chip, you can have it inside a toaster oven.

Another surprising thing that you can do with your toaster oven is making chips (potato, a veggie, or fruit chips) by running the toaster at a very low temperature; by doing this, the toaster dehydrates the food, which eventually making it crispy.

If you are going to make chips by using a toaster oven, make sure to place the temperature low, preferably at 200-degree-Fahrenheit for an hour or until the food becomes golden brown.

  1. Making mini peanut butter cookie

If you are craving for mini peanut butter cookies but you wanted to make just a few of it and fast, the toaster oven is one of the best choices. First, you need to pre-heat your toaster oven between 300-400 degrees Fahrenheit; this is to cook the food evenly at every side.

  1. Baking eggs

Yes; you have read it right.

You can use a toaster oven to hard bake the eggs, instead of hard-boiling it. All you need to do are the following:

  • Set the eggs inside a muffin maker tray;
  • And then place the tray inside the toaster oven;
  • Cook the eggs for 30 minutes at around 325 degrees Fahrenheit.
  1. Making a quick and easy s’ mores

Did you know that you can also make s’ mores by using a toaster oven?

Yes; this is another way to use a toaster oven these days; and if you are missing the camping days and want to taste it again, you can make it using a toaster oven.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of things you can do using your toaster oven; but to make it successful, always remember the basics when using this type of oven. These basics may include the following:

  • Pre-heating the toaster oven before using it.
  • Always toast in batches.
  • Always use foil.
  • Keep the temperature on the check.
  • Toast food accordingly at the right time-frame.

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