Top Details that You Should Look for a Quality-Made Replica NBA Championship Rings

The first NBA championship rings were handed out during 1947 NBA Finals; the modern championship ring costs 13 to 20 thousand USD. Typically, these rings are made of white or yellow gold and studded with high-grade diamonds, which is why most of these rings are too expensive for an ordinary NBA fan. Fortunately, there are replica NBA championship rings that every NBA fan can easily purchase; most of these NBA replica championship rings cost 40 to 200 USD, depending on the details and studs added on the ring.

However, you should never typecast all replica championship ring as second-rate rings, because some of these are made with quality materials; all you need to do is find quality makers of replica championship rings such as the Big Game Rings.

If you are currently looking for a quality replica Heat championship rings that look like the real thing, here are the top details that you should consider before buying one or a set.

1. Quality ring text overlay

One of the essential factors that you need take a good look is the texts encrusted or overlaid text; each detail should be clearly carved in, like those original NBA championship rings. Do not settle for less; even if these rings are only replicas, you should still look for collectible rings that are elegantly designed with neat text overlay or carvings.

2. The coat on zinc alloy

Most of replica championship rings are made from zinc alloy metal. Technically, zinc alloy is corrosive metals, which why its durability is often left in question. However, if the ring is properly coated or lacquered with the right materials, like those high-grade antique silver-plated metal color, the zinc is likely to be affected with oxidizing effects.

3. The studs

Replica championship rings are studded with cubic zirconia crystals – a replacement for real diamonds. If you want your Miami Heat replica championship ring to look original, you should find makers who design and creates their replica rings with high-grade crystals. At Big Game Rings, you’ll have the best and quality-made replica championship rings for your money.

If you are currently looking for Miami Heat replica championship rings, you should visit what Big Game Rings’ site has to offer:

•    The 2006 Miami Heat Championship ring with Larry O’Brien overlay trophy that is neatly added to the ring.
•    The 2012 Miami Heat Championship ring is also with centered O’Brien’s trophy with high-grade cubic zirconia crystals as a topper.
•    The 2013 Miami Heat Championship ring that is centered with two O’Brien trophies, representing a back-to-back win.
•    2012, 2013, and 2016 LeBron James NBA replica championship ring set; if you are a fan of LeBron James, you should really take advantage of these quality-made replica rings from Big Game Rings.

Final Thoughts

There are several replica championships rings that you can purchase anywhere online; however, if you want NBA replica championship rings that look almost similar to the original rings, you should find quality makers such as the Big Game Rings.

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