Top Features of the Best Tactical Flashlights to Look for

Tactical flashlights aren’t just for military use, but an everyday Carry device that has benefits attached to it. If you are planning to purchase the best one today, check these features out.

A tactical flashlight is not your ordinary flashlight. It is originally used for tactical purposes and typically used by the military, police, and more. These are designed to be placed on a weapon to produce a low-light shooting.

Moreover, tactical flashlights are smaller than the traditional flashlights but emit more light than the latter. Furthermore, these are made from weapon-grade aluminum, which is why the light is durable compared to traditional flashlights. Although this device is originally made for military and police use, civilians can use this type of flashlight too.

Here are a few reasons why tactical flashlights must be on your EDC (every day carry) device list:

  • It is convenient and sturdy, unlike the traditional flashlight.
  • It can be used as a self-defense device since it is armor-coated and made from weapon-grade aluminum.
  • Lights brighter compared to the traditional flashlight.
  • It can be used to break the glass during emergencies.
  • A handy flashlight during camping.

But how do you find your best tactical flashlight when there are a lot of options in the market today? Fortunately, here is a list of features that you should look for when choosing the best tactical flashlight.

#1: More lumens

The brighter and more luminous the flashlight is the more lumens that the flashlight has.

Lumens (lm) is the direct measurement of how bright or visible the light coming from its source. If you are planning to purchase a tactical flashlight, make sure to look for something that has higher lumens.

#2: Better beam distance

The beam distance is a measurement of how far the light beam can travel from the standing point to where the intensity of the beam weakens. When choosing the best tactical flashlight, check if the device produces a wider beam or narrow beam. This is because the light of a tactical flashlight with a wider beam does not reach very far, unlike those with a narrow beam.

#3: Resistant to impact

A tactical flashlight with better impact resistance has a longer lifespan. Impact resistance is a measurement of how tough the light is when dropped at a certain meter and still able to function properly.

#4: Longer battery life

The flashlight’s battery life is affected by the flashlight’s output. So, the brighter the flashlight, the faster the battery drains. Fortunately, some manufacturers use rechargeable Lithium batteries to provide longer battery life. So, choose a tactical flashlight with rechargeable Lithium batteries.

Also, look for a tactical light that is compatible with AA batteries – it is convenient and efficient.

#5: Has strobes and SOS modes

A tactical flashlight with tough construction is good, but a tactical flashlight with strobes and SOS modes is worth your money. This feature is very useful, especially during critical situations. So, do not miss to look for a tactical flashlight with strobes and SOS modes.

Final Thoughts

Tactical flashlights are versatile. Not only military and policemen can use the device, but civilians can also take advantage of the benefits offered by tactical flashlights.

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