Top Fishing Tips Using Fishing Rods that Every Beginner Should Know

There are over a million of people fishing each day around the globe, not as a part of their living but also for leisure.

If you are starting to learn how to use a fishing rod and do the perfect casting, but do not know where to start, let this post give you some useful fishing tips using a fishing rod that every beginner should know.

Learn how to cast your rod properly

The very basic thing to do as a beginner is to learn how to cast a fishing rod properly. But first, you must know the different types of fishing rods – spin cast, spinning, fly-fishing, and baitcaster fishing rods. Each rod is unique with different mechanisms when casting.

  • Spin cast fishing rod – A spin cast or closed face reel is ideal for beginners. To use this, all you need to do is push the button and hold it down until a complete stop. Then, at 11 o’clock position let go of the button to cast and line into the water.
  • Spinning fishing rod – This is the most common casting rod you’ll find. To use the spinning rod properly, you need to point your upper body in the direction that you’ll be casting. Then, grip the handle of the spinning rod using your dominant hand. Reel in the line until your bait is hanging at 12 to 15 inches and crank the wheel clockwise to bring the bait at the right height. Next, is to hook your finger over the line and pull the line against the rod. Using your free hand, open the reel bail. At 30 degrees, pull the rod back over to your shoulder of your casting arm. Finally, swiftly release the line in front of you.
  • Fly-fishing rod – Fly-fishing is one of the challenging types of fishing. To use the rod, you need to assemble the fly fishing rod. Insert the reel into its compartment at the bottom of the rod. At the end of the fly line make a loop knot. Next, using the fishing knot, connect the leader to the end of the fly line. Then, fix a tippet to the end of the leader but tie it securely with a knot. If you are done connecting all the lines, it is time to do the overhead cast. For narrow rivers and waterways, you can use the roll cast.
  • Baitcaster fishing rod – Baitcasting needs focus for accuracy. To use the rod, first, you need to set up the rod. Then, add the bait from the tip of the rod. Use the braking system when casting your rod. Lastly, let your bait descend to the waters.

Read Reliable Guides

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