Which Are The Different Chuggington Train Sets Your Child Can Have

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As kids grow up, toys enhance their creativity and gives them fun at the same time. Kids also like to play with things that they can relate to in their daily adventure. In that case, purchasing them any toy for Chuggington can go along way into enhance their fun days and improve their creativity levels to some point. Train tables and train sets are ideal because they have their basis from the popular cartoon Chuggington. This is something the kids see on television and can relate to. In addition to that, these toys allow your kids to learn some things such as taking care of their properties, handling their accessories properly and covering their tracks well. The toys make them responsible.

What are the different Chuggington trains sets that your kids can have?

While these train sets are ideal for your kids, you have to know which ones to buy and at what age. Different Chuggington toys are suitable for various ages of children. The material of the toys and their durability is also a factor. Here are some of the Chuggington toys that you can consider for your kids:

Chuggington StarTrack Brewster’s Big Build Adventure Set

This toy comes with a ready to build feature. Here, your kids must help build and attach the different parts of the toy together until the cormac cab travel up the escalator. You will notice that your kids enjoy this exciting challenge as they try to figure out which part goes where. The toy has various parts including the escalator, elevator, a tunnel, a bridge and a working crane. However, this toy may not suit very little kids because they might have problems assembling the various parts.

Chuggington 32-piece Roundhouse Wooden Train Set With Koko and Brewster Engines

This is another type of wooden toy from Chuggington. This has an over the top track layout and includes various sets such as koko, engines and a Brewster. It also has a two in one tunnel, a special sign from Chuggington and announcer Vee. Here, you kids will have the task of using the easy to connect magnets to connect the various parts into place. After all the parts fit, the wooden train track will have to work smoothly. This challenges your kids’ thinking capacity and therefore provides them with something to ponder.

Chuggington Value pack Toy Set with Straight and Curved 20 Piece Track Pack and Musical Train

This is a cheaper option of getting a chuggington train set. With this, you get over twenty pieces all with complete trucks and a train car at a subsidized price. This offers your kids with a chance to enhance their creativity levels at young ages. However, the Chuggington Company advices that only kids above three years should use these toys because of the choking hazard that comes with them.


Chuggington toys provide your kids with something they can relate to in their daily activities because they have their basis from the famous Chuggington cartoon. Various types of these toys are available. We have discussed some of them above. The next time you are out to purchase toys for your kids, consider Chuggington toys.

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