Why Guinea Pigs are Awesome Pets?

Are you planning to get a pet soon but want neither a cat or a dog? If that is the case, maybe you can choose to get a guinea pig instead.

Guinea pigs or also called cavies are rough-haired and short-haired South American rodents. They are considered to be one of the exotic pets that could be recommended for families who are getting their first pet.

Here are a few reasons why guinea pigs are awesome pets:

1. Guinea pigs are the perfect first pets

Guinea pigs are best for people who will be getting their first pet. Aside from they are loving, you don’t also need to provide things that dogs or cats would need. It simply means that it does not include tasks such as walking the guinea pig.

Moreover, guinea pigs have a long lifespan, a strong ability to bond with their human, overall hardy nature, and low-maintenance care.

2. Guinea pigs get along with humans well

If you have not experienced having a pet guinea, then you might have a hard time believing that they like people. Guinea pigs usually show excitement when they see their owner by squealing. Sometimes they would even try to climb up their cage to greet their human.

It is low-maintenance but it is friendly and interactive like dogs and cats.

3. Guinea pigs come in different colors

There are different breeds of guinea pigs. You can choose from long-haired, short-haired, and even hairless ones. Aside from they come in different lengths of fur, they also come in different patterns and colors.

There are 10 basic guinea pig colors and 13 guinea pig breeds.

4. Guinea pigs love to pop

One of the unique behaviors of guinea pigs is “popcorning.” It can usually be observed in young guinea pigs when they feel excited or happy. When they pop, it means that would jump up and down over and over again. For some guinea pigs, they do popcorning by quickly running backward and forward. While for others, they might prefer to kick out their back and front legs in an alternate manner.

Another thing that you should take note of is guinea pigs squeal. You might find it weird at first but when you get used to it, you will realize that popcorning is an adorable behavior to watch.

5. Guinea pigs are like cats

Cats and guinea pigs are two different animals but they share one the same characteristic which is purring. When guinea pigs feel happy, they might create an audible vibrating sound. It usually happens when you pet them gently.

People who have not owned a guinea pig before do not know of this pet’s behavior. Aside from purring, they can also create other sounds like the following.

  • Chattering of teeth

They do this when they are aggressive or angry.

  • Rumbling

Sounds created by male guinea pigs when courting.

  • Wheeking

This sound is also known as squealing.

One of the important things that guinea pigs need is a huge cage where they can move around. If you want the best cage for your guinea pig, we have it all covered here.

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